Winner of the National Book Award:
Coffee Table Book of the Year 2024

This award honors rapturous design and photography, as well as courage, innovation and creativity in publishing.

FOREWORD By Anthony Barzilay- Freund Editorial Director 1st Dibs, Introspective Magazine
PHOTOGRAPHED BY: Aaron Leimkuehler & others
360 pages, 250 photos, 11” x 12.75” Hardcover

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Expert Reviews

“An esoteric weaving of history, design, decor, fashion and culture enthrals in this captivating book…”

“In her new book, HISTORIC STYLE, Kelee Katillac offers inspiration and guidelines for how to stay true to one’s personal style while honoring a home’s history.”


“Historic Style has it all…Classic interiors-turned-technicolor showstoppers! 400 years of design knowledge! It’s eight solid pounds filled with enormous shots of brilliant, thoughtfully crafted interiors. I love Kelee’s fresh, modern eye – her spaces mix old and new in a bold, dynamic way. This book is the perfect mix of information and inspiration. Preservation has never been more interesting! “

The Voice of Design from the UK

“The Mick Jagger of preservation’: discover the historic homes of Kelee Katillac. Widely known for her incomparable mix of colour, couture, pop culture and history, Kelee Katillac puts a contemporary spin on the past with modern designs for the 21st century.”


“Kelee Katillac is a storyteller of rank via interior design. The dynamism and drama rests in the art of matching furniture and finishes from different cultures, eras and palettes. Historic Style is also rich in mentally empowering symbols wielded with a confidence that hovers like a halo of positivity over both houses and owners, albeit invisibly.”

Charlotte Dirickx

Oscar Nominated & BAFTA Award Winning Set Decorator SALTBURN, Mr. Turner, The Personal History of David Copperfield & Others

“Kelee’s approach to historical interior design is refreshing and rooted in period. Her twist of ‘va va voom’ brings period properties alive with a lot of soul. When I took the book Historic Style to the film industry speech I presented in London, I wish you could have seen peoples’ faces as I opened the book. Literally, HANDS WENT TO MOUTH with WOW!”

Anthony Barzilay-Freund

Editorial Director, 1stDibs, Introspective

“Kelee Katillac’s gift is to know how to build on a historic foundation and alchemize an old house into a wondrous environment any one of us would be fortunate to call home. That’s because Kelee’s approach to design feels vibrant and joyful, connected to the past but looking toward the future.”

Steve Larson

Co-Founder, Adelphi Paper Hangings:

“Our team was completely unprepared for the exuberance of Kelee Katillac’s vision! In Historic Style it’s gratifying to see these historic wallpaper patterns (with their reimagined colors) march, without hesitancy, into the 21st century.”

A BONUS: Kelee’s Design Diaries with musical playlists, spinning tracks from Alanis Morissette to Kendrick Lamar to Led Zeppelin and Harry Styles. These stream-of-consciousness musings enliven the design process with joy, relevance, and wit.

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WINNER of the 2024 Osmund Overby Book Award